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  1. İngilizce seviye tespit sınavı
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    1. How many . are there in the garden?There

    a) child / is

    b) children / is

    c) children / are

    d) childs / is

    2. The trees are .

    a) red

    b) blue

    c) green

    d) yellow

    3. What time is it? (07:12)

    a) It is twenty past one o'clock

    b) It is twelve past one o'clock

    c) It is twenty to one o'clock

    d) It is twelve to one o'clock

    4. Germany is a

    a) city

    b) river

    c) country

    d) capital

    5. Soldiers . .

    a) makes wars

    b) defend their countries

    c) repair cars

    d) examine people

    6. Odd one out:

    a) Spring / June

    b) Winter / December

    c) Summer / August

    d) Autumn / September

    7. What is “Onsekizinci in English?

    a) eightieth

    b) Twenty-eight

    c) Eighteenth

    d) Sixteenth

    8. A:My sister always helps my mother, but I cant help ..................

    A:Do you see your grandfather every day?

    B:No, I see ............... every weekend.

    a) her/him

    b) him/her

    c) me/him

    d) him/me

    9. What time is it? (09:09)

    a) It is nine to nine o'clock

    b) It i? nine o'clock

    c) It is half past nine o'clock

    d) It is nine past nine o'clock

    10. The milk is ..

    a) white

    b) grey

    c) red

    d) green

    11. Lizbon is the capital of

    a) Bulgaria

    b) Portugal

    c) France

    d) Russia

    12. pulls out teeth

    a) An engineer

    b) Dentist

    c) Engineers

    d) A dentist

    13. What is the month between May and July?

    a) June

    b) August

    c) September

    d) March

    14. What is “birinci in English?

    a) first

    b) Third

    c) Eleventh

    d) Ninth

    15. İrem:Can you give .............. some money?

    Emre:No, Im sorry. I cant give you any money.

    a) me

    b) him

    c) her

    d) it

    16. Choose the plural of this sentence. This is a baby.

    a) These are baby

    b) These is babies

    c) These is a baby

    d) These are babies

    17. Odd one out.(Farklı olanı seçiniz)

    a) German

    b) French

    c) Turkish

    d) England

    18. What is the plural form of“leaf “ ?

    a) leafs

    b) leafies

    c) leaves

    d) leafes

    19. “What is the plural form of“fish ?

    a) fish

    b) fishs

    c) fisies

    d) fishes

    20. Odd one out.(Farklı olanı seçiniz)

    a) Spanish

    b) Turkish

    c) German

    d) Norway