İngilizce Aşk Sözleri 2013

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  1. 2013 İngilizce Aşk Sözleri

    If you would one day be the one perk of Action for the network, you cry tears until the person does not abase.

    People ornament of the face, the face of the frieze: eye, piece of mind: language, language is the case of the ornament.

    I love to love, love is knowing what the search is never going to leave for nothing.

    Gather the worlds most beautiful flowers and bouquets made to give you my love.

    The most beautiful portion of a girl, kissing lips, and not the heart is being stolen.


  2. Cevap: İngilizce Aşk Sözleri 2013

    Was based on the absence of the seasons change without you without you but I was in the morning with my lips with laughing eyes if I forgot to laugh at you.

    I think the idea of the most beautiful thing you think of me when you think you think I will have to think.

    You love me as much as I love you that I love you as much as you love me Ill know.

    My heart does not extinguish the hope of kindling, how the hell are after you, I love you, and during combustion, the ashes returned to you if I have the fire.

    You have about you, just like cigarettes are the same. Smoke the eyes, the lips of ashes. You only have a difference. My cigarette, I, me, if youre burning.

    People will always run after someone, but after his return from the run and never look at those who do not.

    I also doubt that I love you love me, because love is silent, Love is dumb.


  3. Cevap: İngilizce Aşk Sözleri 2013

    One day, all the beauty of life you want to go to death in abandon and come to my side, Ill show it to you without you is death discrimination.