Beyonce - Can2t Take Nomore

'Şarkı Sözü' forumunda Aysell tarafından 16 Ekim 2008 tarihinde açılan konu

  1. VERSE 1
    Its really being weighing on me
    Tell me what did i do
    To have yall hatin on me
    When i dont have nothin to prove
    Sometimes i shake my head when im laying down in my bed
    Thinking about the things being said when you really dont know me
    Gotta clear up somethings there have been many things said about me
    So many opinions so many judgements preconcede
    Inside of my character from being a fein into your give it a rest
    You must been minding me spend so much time with me consuming your head
    I cant take nomore
    Think its time for me to let it all out
    I cant take nomore
    Why my name always always up in your mouth
    What you hate me for
    Im so tired all of these lie
    I cant take nomore nomore nomore
    VERSE 2
    Its really been weighing on me
    Im not myself lately
    I feel a little incomplete
    But im not gon loose no sleep
    I keep it all in my mind
    Cause it gotta get better in time
    Why dont you live your life and let me live mines
    You,you,you dont know (repeat 4xs)
    (repeat 2xs)
    Leave me alone,leave me alone
    Just leave me alone,leave me alone
    Just leave me alone,leave me alone
    Just leave me alone,leave me alone
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