Sağlıklı Olmak İçin Neler Yapmalıyız İngilizce

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  1. Sağlıklı Olmak İçin Neler Yapmalıyız İngilizce
    Sağlıklı Olmak İçin Neler Yapabiliriz İngilizce

    Regular bathing should be.
    Have short and clean fingernails and toenails have to be careful.
    Wash hands before eating.
    To brush teeth after meals and especially before bedtime.
    Body for our health;
    What Must We Do to Be yapmalıSağlıklı sports regularly? beslenmeliyiz healthy and balanced.
    Be sure to regularly etmeliSağlıklı sleep, what should we do? We have to leave early to bed early.
    Yaptırmalıyız Aşılarımızı.
    Wash fruits and vegetables before eating them with plenty of water. We should note that the food is clean.
    Içmemeliyiz Terliyken water.
    Yememeliyiz foods sold in the open.
    Abstain from harmful substances such as cigarettes and alcohol.
    Must not use any medication without the consent of mother and fathers.


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